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Coop is a supermarket chain with stores all over The Netherlands. Through their website, customers can also deliver their groceries at home. During 2020, Coop experienced a large peak in the number of visitors to their website because of Covid-19. Therefore, the website was overloaded a couple of times. Because of this, the IT department searched for ways to improve the performance of the website. In this way, Stitchd was asked to analyse the impact of marketing script on the page loading time who were loaded via a tag manager.

Audit & Benchmark

Our tag manager experts started by mapping out the needs of the marketing team: which MarTech tools are in use and for which purposes? Hereafter, a whole benchmark study was conducted to map out the impact of the timing load of the tag manager per page type and all underlying scripts. This data was then compared to the performance of other websites of several competitors. Lastly, each script of the tag manager system was screened based on code structure, loading triggers and relevance.


The findings resulting from the audit were bundled in a presentation in which we point out the concrete pain points together with action points needed to solve them. Besides that, we also gave them some recommendations on how they could better structure the management of the tag manager for the future.

Roel Van Alebeek

The ungoing uncertainty on the impact of marketing scripts was irrefutable analysed by Stitchd, including a step-by-step solution document to improve performance and control. The impact was the biggest we've seen, with a 30% reduction of loadtime.

Roel Van Alebeek

E-commerce Architect

Key points

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