About VRT

The VRT (Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie) is the Flemish community’s national public service broadcaster with a public mandate for informing and entertaining its citizens. 

VRT’s Data & Intelligence (D&I) team and Stitchd have collaborated on several projects over the last five years to help them cater to their audience and broaden its tastes. Our embedded developers have assisted the D&I team in previous implementations, various trainings, and adopt a data-driven mindset throughout the organisation. 

Centralised analytics

We are helping the VRT by setting up one of the main data streams for their new central platform for ethical data collection and tracking. The AWS-powered platform was built by the D&I team to provide a single source of truth across all of VRT’s brands, channels and platforms.  

VRT’s wide offering includes a streaming platform (VRT MAX), multiple TV and radio stations, social media channels and news platforms (VRT NWS and Sporza). These are spread through traditional means, websites, and apps for TVs, mobile devices, and cars. To cover this wide range, the VRT decided on an event-based approach to analytics. 

The data stream that we set up is built on Snowplow and behavioural data. This helps meet the key requirements for the VRT’s new platform: speed, personalisation and in-depth behavioural analyses. Any data needs to be gathered and processed as soon as possible. The platform should also cater to the needs of its users while enticing them to step out of their comfort zone content-wise. 

Emilie Nenquin

Because of the long lasting partnership with Stitchd, they are familiar with the goals of VRT which leads to interesting visions and directions around the data possibilities.

Emilie Nenquin

Head Data & Intelligence

A strategic partnership

Just like our other collaborations with the VRT, the new analytics hub helps to realise their vision of data. The key points of the VRT’s data strategy are privacy and transparency, using digital channels as much as possible, and broadening the tastes of their users. 

We grew organically from consultants to a proactive partner by helping them define and refine their strategy through analytics, insights, and algorithms. The technological changes supported by our experts and the other members of the D&I team are helping the VRT to move the whole organisation towards a data-driven mindset. 

Public mandate

The VRT has an explicit assignment from the community to inform and entertain the Flemish-speaking populace of Belgium through their reporting and programmes. Our assistance in their projects helps them fulfil this assignment by working on their goals. 

What is interesting for Flemish people? 

The VRT has to reach as many citizens as possible. 

Offering a wide range of video and audio content to inspire people to try out new things.

Measuring KPIs about diversity, quality, culture, education, and innovation automatically through AI. 

Text recognition algorithms automatically add to the VRT’s vast archive.  

Ethically sourced data

As a public service company, the VRT needs to handle and process every piece of data respectfully. As mentioned before, privacy and transparency are a key aspect of their data strategy. VRT’s new data platform reflects that vision. 

Nothing happens without consent: users always need to agree before the platform can collect and process their data. To remain transparent, every algorithm is built in-house, so the VRT can always explain to their users which data they collect and why. 

Vince Van Gestel

The data platform offers a big source of information around the product use. Therefore, we as digital analysts are able to recommend several optimisations.

Vince Van Gestel

Data Analyst

Key points

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