About D'Ieteren Auto & Technology Landscape

About D'Ieteren Auto

D’Ieteren Auto is the biggest car importer in Belgium. Among its brands are Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Porsche. For each brand, a multitude of digital platforms exist that guide potential car buyers from discovery to booking a test drive and the eventual sale.

Technology landscape

D’ieteren manages more than 40 different digital platforms that are being developed by multiple development agencies and run on a wide range of technologies. The data stream towards Google 360 needed to be managed and aligned throughout 3 different tag management systems. For some platforms, an integration with Salesforce CRM was established

Scope of the project

For many years, web analytics was outsourced to marketing agencies. Given the complex and fragmented digital landscape of D'Ieteren Auto, this led to all kind of historical grown issues within the data.

Stitchd was asked to start from scratch and design and implement a custom approach that focusses on unified data collection method across all platforms, supporting a full view on the customer journey and enable D’Ieteren to tak back control of their data.

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