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Digital is the primary touchpoint for most of your consumer interactions, providing huge learning opportunities. That is, if you know how to stitch together data points and translate them into a coherent story. Insights that could lead to better experiences for your customers.

At Stitchd, we have the expertise on how to handle digital data. By teaming up with the market expertise of your employees, we’ll achieve sustainable growth together.

Discover below some of our cases to prove to you our expertise and way of working.

Data collection

We help you design a data collection framework that’s tailored to your business. Our experts can deliver on implementation, governance and activation of your digital data needs. Discover below for which companies we solved a data collection problem.

Stitch it together

By bringing different data sources together, we enable you to better service your customers. Together, we work towards insights and a consistent and personalized user experience. Discover below some cases of how we stitch data together.

Make it last

We work on an organizational level, aiming to anchor our knowledge throughout your company. This way, our work has a long lasting impact, even after we've left. Discover below how we will make it last.


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